Science Donations was founded by a neuroscience researcher after being frustrated by the lack of scientific funding.

After founding many websites ranging from neuroscience news and psychology websites to search engine optimization and web development websites, an idea sparked a new web develoment that had the potential to improve science tremendously. Instead of relying on the political tide for science funding, why not rely on the people that need the science to fund science?

Science Donations allows the public citizen interested in science to help science without having to dive into years of scientific training. Most scientists are much too busy to ask for money for their research, but in the current system, they are forced to do so. Many great scientists spend countless hours of their time writing grants and proposals for research funding from the government. They then spend more hours appealing if they are turned down, or not given enough to help their research succeed. This is where the public can help.

The public can pick from any scientist, research lab, research project, science program and general science area to donate towards. The science donations from that individual go only to the science they pick.

If an enthusiastic fan of space travel wants to help space tourism get here sooner, she can search through our science listings to find an aerospace researcher to donate money towards to help the research get finished faster.

If one is deeply interested in stem cell therapies for Parkinson's Disease, they can find a geneticist researcher working on stem cell therapies for Parkinson's disease patients to donate lab equipment towards.

Everyone can sign up for free to take part in Science Donations. We will strongly inspect every science program, lab, researcher and scientist that applies to join Science Donations that wishes to receive funding from the public. Science Donations will do everything we can to only include legitimate science personal, labs, science projects and science that can benefit humankind.

You can join Science Donations and start donating to science within a few minutes by filling in our free membership form. No money is required to join.